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F M Ellis Chief Detective U S Sanitary Commission

United States Sanitary Commission,
244 F Street, Washington, D. C.
May 7, 1864.

Lieut. Smith.

Dear Sir.--Your favor was received in due time and after
diligent search I am satisfied that no such man is now in
Washington; however, I shall keep a close lookout, and any
information worth while, I shall give you at once.

When you have any business to be done here I shall esteem it a
favor to assist you.

Your obdt. servant,
Chief Detective, U. S. Sanitary Com.

Mr. Ellis's offer of service was without price; in fact there was an
entire absence of what is called "commercialism" in those days. Loyalty
and zeal were the currency. After three and a half years in such
service it was hard for me to get down to a dollars-and-cents business

Headquarters, Middle Department,
8th Army Corps,
Baltimore, May 8, 1864.

Lieut. Col. Woolley,
Provost Marshal.

Colonel.--I have the honor to report that Officer Horner
arrested William W. Shore, who is, or has been the
correspondent of the New York World and News. He says he left
Fort Monroe on Feb. 14, and used to forward Rebel papers to
New York, until he was ordered away by General Butler.

Enclosed herewith is the telegram on which he was arrested.

I am Colonel,

Very respy. your obdt. servt.,
Lieut. Comdg. D. C.

Headquarters, Middle Department,
8th Army Corps,
Baltimore, May 14, 1864.

Special Order No. 40.

Guard in charge of John Gillock, political prisoner, will
proceed to Fort McHenry. On arrival you will report to
Commanding Officer, deliver charge with accompanying papers,
receive receipt and return to these headquarters without

By command, Major General Wallace.

Lt. Col. and Provost Marshal.

I remember this young man very well. He was from Richmond. Subsequently,
after testing his reliability, I made use of him for detective purposes.
He was well acquainted with General Winder's men, hence his value to

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