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A Disciplined Soldier

You will be expected to become quickly amenable both mentally and
physically to discipline. A clear conception on your part of what drills
are disciplinary in character and what discipline really is, will help
you to become a disciplined soldier. Drills executed at attention are
disciplinary exercises and are designed to teach precise and soldierly
movements and to inculcate that prompt and subconscious obedience which
is essential to proper military control. Hence, all corrections should
be given and received in an impersonal manner. Never forget that you
lose your identity as an individual when you step into ranks; you then
become merely a unit of a mass. As soon as you obey properly, promptly,
and, at times, unconsciously, the commands of your officers, as soon as
you can cheerfully give up pleasures and personal privileges that
conflict with the new order of life to which you have submitted, you
will then have become a disciplined man.

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