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Rear Guards
The rear guard is charged with the important duty of ...

Treatment: Send for a doctor at once. Empty the stoma...

Rapid Fire Target
This target is always used with the battle sight at...

The Rests
Being at a halt, the commands are: FALL OUT; REST; AT...

Distance From The Main Body
While the distance between these two bodies should be...

Mail is most often delayed because there is not suffi...

The Advance
The advance of a company into an engagement whether f...

Back Step
Being at a halt or mark time: 1. Backward, 2. MARCH. ...

The Big Ideas Of Marches
For marches to be entirely successful three condition...

1. Take great pains each morning to make a neat, small ...

Advance Cavalry

The advance cavalry is that part of the advance-guard cavalry preceding
the support. It reconnoiters far enough to the front and flanks to guard
the column against surprise by artillery fire, and to enable timely
information to be sent to the advance-guard commander.

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