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Ordinarily infantry intrenches itself whenever it is ...

Selection Of A Camping Ground
Suppose that you were sent on ahead of troops on the ...

Requisites Of A Good Defensive Position
If you were looking for a good defensive position, wh...

Field Exercises
These exercises, as well as combat exercises, are for...

Arm Signals
The following arm signals are prescribed. In making s...

Estimating Distance
Suppose you are out hunting, and that you see a big b...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Defensive
The defense has the following advantages over the att...

Treatment: Keep parts dry, use talcum powders and k...

Relieving The Outpost
Evening and shortly before dawn are hours of special ...

The Officers' Reserve Corps In Peace
During peace the Secretary of War can order any Reser...

Advance Cavalry

The advance cavalry is that part of the advance-guard cavalry preceding
the support. It reconnoiters far enough to the front and flanks to guard
the column against surprise by artillery fire, and to enable timely
information to be sent to the advance-guard commander.

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