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The Theory Of The Defensive
The defensive is divided into the purely passive defe...

Mail is most often delayed because there is not suffi...

Target Practice
Military shooting or target practice is very differ...

Slow Fire
Following satisfactory gallery practise scores the me...

The uniform you will wear stands for Duty, Honor, and...

Disadvantages Of The Defense
(1) The defender surrenders the advantage of the init...

What To Bring
1. Travel light. Bring only the bare necessities ...

How The Buttercup Grew Yellow
Long, long ago it is told that the flowers were all ...

Senior Division
A senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training C...

Different Kinds Of Attack
The most usual kinds of attack are: Frontal Attack...

Advance Guard Of A Small Command

In forming the advance guard of a command smaller than a brigade, the
foregoing distribution is modified, depending upon the situation. A
company or troop usually sends forward only a point, a battalion or
squadron, an advance party; but a battalion or squadron at war strength
should put a company or troop in the advance guard and a regiment should
put a battalion or squadron, if an enemy is liable to be met. Whenever
the advance guard is less than a battalion, there is no reserve.

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