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Mr Fox's Housewarming
Mr. Fox had been so much disturbed by Mr. Dog and hi...

The strength of the patrol will generally depend on i...

Back Step
Being at a halt or mark time: 1. Backward, 2. MARCH. ...

Each applicant for a commission in the Reserve Corps ...

Extinguishing Burning Clothes
Treatment: Lie down on the floor and roll up as tight...

Distance From The Main Body
While the distance between these two bodies should be...

Distribution Of Troops
The proximity and conduct of the enemy control, to a ...

Rules Governing The Carrying Of The Piece
Third. The cut-off is kept turned down, except when u...

The Actual Defense
Let us suppose now that our battalion, occupying this...

The officer sending out a patrol should give it instr...

Army Slang

The following army slang is universally employed:

Bunkie--the soldier who shares the shelter half or tent of a
comrade in the field. A bunkie looks after his comrade's property
in the event the latter is absent.

Doughboy--the infantryman.

French leave--unauthorized absence.

Holy Joe--the chaplain.

K.O.--the commanding officer.

On the carpet--a call before the commanding officer for


Rookie--a new recruit.

Sand rat--a soldier on duty in the rifle pit during target

Top sergeant--the first sergeant.

Come and get it--the meal is ready to be served.

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