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Bullet Wound

If you receive a bullet wound, don't get excited or lose your head. A
bullet wound in the muscle or soft parts of the body causes little pain
and, if properly dressed, heals in about two to three weeks. Protect the
openings where the bullet entered and came out with the bandages found
in the first-aid packet. Don't touch the wound with your fingers.
Remove sufficient clothing to see the wounds. Then, and not before, open
the first-aid packet and carefully unfold (open) the compress (pad found
in the middle of each bandage) and place it over the wound and wrap the
ends of the bandage fairly tight around the limb and fasten with the
safety pin. If one compress is not large enough to cover the entire
wound, use the second bandage. This bandaging will stop ordinary
bleeding. Such a dressing may be all that is needed for several days. It
is better to leave a wound undressed than to dress it carelessly or
ignorantly, so that the dressing must be removed.

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