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The Rests
Being at a halt, the commands are: FALL OUT; REST; AT...

To Follow The Corporal
Being assembled or deployed, to march the squad without...

Jack The Preacher
One morning in very early springtime the big Evergre...

The Assembly
Being deployed: 1. Assemble, 2. MARCH. The men mov...

What The Flowers Told Martha
Martha was visiting her grandmother, who lived in th...

A Disciplined Soldier
You will be expected to become quickly amenable both ...

Distribution Of Troops
The proximity and conduct of the enemy control, to a ...

It is impossible to lay down any hard-and-fast rule gov...

The Difference Between Strategy And Tactics
Strategy is generalship in its broadest conception. A...

Following the advance cavalry is the support, varying i...


Do not pull the clothing from the burnt part, but rip or cut it off. Do
not break the blisters or prick them even if large.

Treatment: Protect it quickly with a mixture of equal parts of linseed
or olive oil and water.

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