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Senior Division
A senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training C...

Establishing The Outpost
The outpost is posted as quickly as possible, so that...

Most of the gas used on the battlefield today is dead...

General Information Concerning The Officers' Reserve Corps
An officer in the Reserve Corps cannot, without his c...

Symptom: Loss of consciousness. It is usually the res...

Close Order
In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignmen...

The Fire Attack
The fire attack commences when the infantry in the fi...

Mr Fox's Housewarming
Mr. Fox had been so much disturbed by Mr. Dog and hi...

Articles Of War
The Army is governed by the Articles of War, which ca...

Stomach Wounds
Send for a doctor. Lie perfectly quiet. Don't lose yo...

Cease Firing

Firing stops; pieces not already there are brought to the position of
load, the cut-off turned down if firing from magazine, the cartridge is
drawn or the empty shell is ejected, the trigger is pulled, sights are
laid down, and the piece is brought to the order.

Cease firing is used for long pauses to prepare for changes of
position or to steady the men.

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