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Military Training Articles

A Final Word
Now it is proper to consider your relation to your im...

Being under water for over four or five minutes is ge...

School Of The Company
The company in line is formed in double rank with the...

The Peacock Butterflies
Plain little Miss Butterfly sat on a bush one day, w...

Once upon a time there was a very little Morning-glo...

Slow Fire
Following satisfactory gallery practise scores the me...

Fire Discipline
Now we come to the individual private on the firing l...

Extinguishing Burning Clothes
Treatment: Lie down on the floor and roll up as tight...

Field Exercises
These exercises, as well as combat exercises, are for...

Estimating Distance Test
This test is usually held after the record firing on ...

Clip Fire

Turn the cut-off up: fire at will (reloading from the magazine) until
the cartridges in the piece are exhausted; turn the cut-off down; fill
magazine; reload and take the position of suspend firing.

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