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Sallie Hicks's Forefinger
Sallie Hicks was a little girl who was good most of ...

The Land Forces Of The United States
You now are, or expect to become, a member of the lan...

To Halt
To arrest the march in quick or double time: 1. Squad...

Rear Guards
The rear guard is charged with the important duty of ...

Selection Of A Camping Ground
Suppose that you were sent on ahead of troops on the ...

The Windflower's Story
One day a little Windflower growing in a garden hear...

Encountering The Enemy
If a small hostile patrol is encountered it is genera...

Distribution Of Troops
The proximity and conduct of the enemy control, to a ...

How To Clean A Rifle And Bayonet
Get a rag and rub the heavy grease off; then get a so...

Fire Direction
A company that cannot start firing or stop firing, th...

Close Order

In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignment toward the side
of the guide.

Men in the line of file closers do not execute loadings and firings.

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