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To March To The Rear
Being in march: 1. To the rear, 2. MARCH. At the c...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Defensive
The defense has the following advantages over the att...

General Principles
Security embraces all those measures taken by a comma...

Estimating Distance
Suppose you are out hunting, and that you see a big b...

Miscellaneous Information
The Bayonet. The bayonet is a cutting and thrusting w...

Methods Of Estimating Distances By The Eye
1. Decide that the object cannot be more than a certa...

Steps And Marchings
All steps and marchings executed from a halt, except ...

Close Order
In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignmen...

The Theory Of Attack
Decisive results are obtained only by the offensive. ...

The Peacock Butterflies
Plain little Miss Butterfly sat on a bush one day, w...

Close Order

In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignment toward the side
of the guide.

Men in the line of file closers do not execute loadings and firings.

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