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Camp Sanitation
In camp you are really your brother's keeper. It is the...

Disadvantages Of The Defense
(1) The defender surrenders the advantage of the init...

Mr Fox Cuts The Cottontails
Mr. Fox decided that the only way to get all the woo...

Fire Superiority
Do not study this chapter until you begin your exte...

Pussy Willow's Furs
Miss Pussy Willow put on her furs one day in March a...

Estimating Distance Test
This test is usually held after the record firing on ...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Defensive
The defense has the following advantages over the att...

Field Exercises
These exercises, as well as combat exercises, are for...

When Jack Frost Was Young
Not that he is old now, for Jack is a snappy, bright...

Whistle Signals
There are only two kinds of whistle signals; a short ...

Close Order

In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignment toward the side
of the guide.

Men in the line of file closers do not execute loadings and firings.

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