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The Windflower's Story
One day a little Windflower growing in a garden hear...

To Load
Being in line or skirmish line at halt: 1. With dummy...

Change Step
Being in march; 1. Change step, 2. MARCH. At the c...

In conducting the reconnaissance the patrols are, as ...

Company Inspection
Being in line at a halt: 1. OPEN RANKS, 2. MARCH. ...

Bunny White, one night when the Fairies were holding...

The Big Ideas Of Marches
For marches to be entirely successful three condition...

The distance of the rear guard from the main body and...

Making Up Your Pack
Immediately after reveille, take down your tent and m...

Disadvantages Of The Defense
(1) The defender surrenders the advantage of the init...


The leader should be an officer or a noncommissioned officer. He must
have good judgment, be cool, be quick in making a decision, be strong in
physique, have initiative, and be brave, but not to the extent of
rashness. Besides his regular equipment he should have a good pair of
field glasses, a compass, a watch, wire cutters, pencils, a message
book, and a map of the country.

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