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Establishing The Outpost
The outpost is posted as quickly as possible, so that...

Distance From The Main Body
While the distance between these two bodies should be...

A Disciplined Soldier
You will be expected to become quickly amenable both ...

Range Finders
Five or six enlisted men, selected by the company ...

Rear Guard Of An Advancing Force
If there is a possibility that the rear of the column...

Everything else being equal the army that possesses...

Disadvantages Of The Defense
(1) The defender surrenders the advantage of the init...

Inquisitive Mr Possum
It was Mr. Owl who gave the wood folk the warning by...

The Fire Attack
The principles governing the advance of the firing li...

The Rain Elves
The Rain Elf children had been shut up in their hous...


Deploy. To extend the front. A squad deploys when it goes As
skirmishers. A company likewise deploys when it goes from column into

File. Two men, the front rank man and the corresponding man in the
rear rank. The front rank man is the file leader. A file which has no
rear rank man is a blank file.

Interval. Space between elements of the same line. The interval
between men in ranks is 4 inches and is measured from elbow to elbow. It
is to get this interval that each man is required to raise his arm when
the company is formed.

Distance. Space between elements in the direction of depth. It is
measured from the back of the man in front to the breast of the man in
rear. The rear rank when in line or column is 40 inches from the front

The guide of a squad in line is right unless otherwise announced.

The guide of a squad deployed, (i.e., skirmishers) is center unless
otherwise announced.

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