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Stack And Take Arms
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Range-finding Instrument
Each company is equipped with a range-finding instrum...

Junior Division
A junior division of the Reserve Officers' Training C...

To Increase Or Diminish Intervals
If assembled, and it is desired to deploy at greater ...

Senior Division
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Whistle Signals
There are only two kinds of whistle signals; a short ...

Assumption Of The Enemy
When reliable information of the enemy cannot be obta...

Cease Firing
Firing stops; pieces not already there are brought to t...

Duties Of A Patrol

Each reconnoitering patrol is given a certain mission (duty) to perform.
The name, reconnoitering, meaning to survey, to view, indicates that
its first duty is to get information, and information is always greatly
increased in value if the enemy does not know it has been obtained.
Having obtained valuable information, its next duty is to send this
information to the officer sending out the patrol.

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