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Employment Of Air Craft On And Near The Firing Line In The Theater Of Operation

Airplanes will move far out, perhaps hundreds of miles, in front of our
most advanced cavalry for the purpose of gathering general information
of large bodies of the enemy's forces. This is called Strategical
Reconnaissance. Other airplanes do more local scouting. They go but
comparatively short distances from the firing line for the purpose of
determining the location of trenches, supports, reserves, artillery
positions, etc. This is called tactical reconnaissance. They give their
artillery commanders information as to where their projectiles are

During siege operations (as in Europe, where some trenches have remained
in about the same place for long periods) photographers go up in
airplanes each morning and photograph the enemy's trench lines. Blue
prints are made of these lines. By comparing these with the lines of the
previous day it is easy to determine the changes that have been made
during the night.

Other airplanes are detailed for the purpose of combat. They prevent
opposing airplanes from gathering information.

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