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During the hike your equipment for living will be limited to: (1) your
pack (things that you carry on your back), (2) a few authorized articles
which are placed in a squad laundry bag (called a surplus kit), and (3)
a blanket roll.

Contents of the Pack

1 bacon can.
1 condiment can.
1 blanket.
1 poncho.
1 shelter half (one-half of a small tent)
5 small tent pins.
1 tooth brush.
1 comb and any other toilet articles desired.
1 cake of soap.
1 or 2 towels.
1 extra suit of underwear.
1 pair socks.
1 pair shoe strings.

Contents of Surplus Kit

1 pair of breeches.
1 suit of underwear.
1 shirt, olive drab.
1 shoe laces.
2 pair of socks.
1 pair of shoes (tan).

Any other article that may be prescribed by the company commander.

The surplus kit of each man will be made up into a neat, compact bundle,
tied with a string (use a shoe string for the purpose), and tagged with
the owner's name. These individual kits will be packed in a laundry bag,
called surplus kit bag, tagged, one for each squad.

Contents of Blanket Roll

1. Extra blankets.

2. One ramrod for each squad.

3. Any other articles that may be prescribed by the company

Each squad makes these extra blankets, etc., into a long roll which is
called the squad blanket roll. A tag is tied to it, showing to what
regiment, company, and squad it belongs.


1. The bacon can is a convenient place to carry a small face towel,
shaving outfit, and other small toilet articles.

2. Keep your soap in a soap box.

3. Each squad should have its own cleaning material which should be tied
into a small package and carried in the surplus kit bag.

4. Interest in a hike or a manoeuver will be stimulated if at least one
member of each squad has a map showing all the camp sites and route of

5. One man in each squad should be provided with a small bottle of
iodine, some absorbent cotton and adhesive tape for the common use of
the squad. This saves time for the surgeon and men in caring for minor
injuries, scratches, etc.

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