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Military Training Articles

Everything else being equal the army that possesses...

Stopping Bleeding
If the blood is dark blue and the stream is continuou...

The Officers' Reserve Corps In Peace
During peace the Secretary of War can order any Reser...

The Assembly
The captain takes his post in front of, or designates...

Mr Crow Goes And Tells
Mr. Coon and Mr. Possum lived near each other in the...

Slow Fire
Following satisfactory gallery practise scores the me...

The reserve follows the support at several hundred ya...

Distribution Of Troops
An advance-guard order generally describes the follow...

What The Flowers Told Martha
Martha was visiting her grandmother, who lived in th...

Importance of the Bayonet. The infantry soldier is ar...

Field Orders

Field orders, whether written or oral, should follow a certain form.
This decreases the probability of any vital part being left out and
increases the probability of the receiver or reader understanding it.

In the following form for an advance, note the order in which the
paragraphs occur. This is very important.

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