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Fill Magazine

Take the position of load, if not already there, open the gate of the
magazine with the right thumb, take five cartridges from the box or
belt, and place them, with the bullets to the front, in the magazine,
turning the barrel slightly to the left to facilitate the insertion of
the cartridges; close the gate and carry the right hand to the small of
the stock.

To load from the magazine the command From magazine will be given
preceding that of LOAD; the cut-off will be turned up on coming to
the position of load.

To resume loading from the belt the command From belt will be given
preceding the command LOAD; the cut-off will be turned down on
coming to the position of load.

The commands from magazine and from belt, indicating the change in
the manner of loading, will not be repeated in subsequent commands.

The words from belt apply to cartridge box as well as belt.

In loading from the magazine care should be taken to push the bolt fully
forward and turn the handle down before drawing the bolt back, as
otherwise the extractor will not catch the cartridge in the chamber, and
jamming will occur with the cartridge following.

To fire from the magazine, the command MAGAZINE FIRE may be given at
any time. The cut-off is turned up and an increased rate of fire is
executed. After the magazine is exhausted the cut-off is turned down and
the firing continued, loading from the belt.

Magazine fire is employed only when, in the opinion of the platoon
leader or company commander, the maximum rate of fire becomes necessary.

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