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Military Training Articles

Employment Of Air Craft On And Near The Firing Line In The Theater Of Operation
Airplanes will move far out, perhaps hundreds of mile...

Preliminary Instruction
Your preliminary instructions and their purposes are ...

Different Kinds Of Attack
The most usual kinds of attack are: Frontal Attack...

Most of the gas used on the battlefield today is dead...

The Service Of Security
Security has the same meaning in the military world...

The main object in placing obstacles in front of a de...

General Ideas And Rules For Solving Military Problems
The cave man knocked over his foe with a rude club. T...

The Rain Elves
The Rain Elf children had been shut up in their hous...

Little Never-upset
Little Never-upset was a roly-poly fellow, with weig...

To Load
Being in line or skirmish line at halt: 1. With dummy...

Infantry Battalion

Four companies of infantry. (There are three battalions in a regiment of

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