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The Ration
A ration is the allowance (money) for the subsistence...

Slow Fire Targets
This target is used during slow fire at 200 and 300 yar...

Bunny White, one night when the Fairies were holding...

The Advance
The advance of a company into an engagement whether f...

To Load
Being in line or skirmish line at halt: 1. WITH DUMMY...

Saluting distance is that within which recognition is...

Strength And Composition
The strength of a rear guard depends upon the nature ...

Appearance Of Objects
Become familiar with the effect which the varying con...

Was It The Field Fairy?
Jack and his sister Nina were two little orphans who...

Inoculations And Vaccination
As soon as you become a member of the army, whether a...

Junior Division

A junior division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps may be
established at any institution to which an army officer has been
detailed as the professor of military science and tactics, and which
cannot meet the necessary requirements for the senior division. In this
case the Government does not give a commutation of subsistence and the
students are not asked to obligate themselves as in the senior division.

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