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Rapid Fire Target
This target is always used with the battle sight at...

Rules Of Conduct For Camp Life
The first few days will be easy and profitable if you...

Quick Time
Being at a halt, to march forward in quick time: 1. F...

Field Orders
Field orders, whether written or oral, should follow ...

Fire Superiority
Do not study this chapter until you begin your exte...

Jack The Preacher
One morning in very early springtime the big Evergre...

Once upon a time there was a very little Morning-glo...

Inquisitive Mr Possum
It was Mr. Owl who gave the wood folk the warning by...

The Tell-tale Goblin
Once upon a time there was a Little Fairy who loved ...

Preparing A Defensive Position
Now let us suppose ourselves as part of a battalion t...

Making Up Your Pack

Immediately after reveille, take down your tent and make up your pack.
Place your extra blankets on the pile with those of the other members of
your squad. Make up your surplus kit bundle and put it in the surplus
kit bag.

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