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Ordinarily infantry intrenches itself whenever it is ...

A mixed outpost is composed principally of infantry. ...

Stopping Bleeding
If the blood is dark blue and the stream is continuou...

Conduct Of The Patrol
In communicating with each other for ordinary purpose...

Military Maps
Definition. A military map is a drawing made to repre...

The Eatyoup
Dicky Duck was a very wise young fellow. He swam ab...

Bunny White, one night when the Fairies were holding...

Guard Duty
Guards are used in camp or garrison to preserve order...

Use Of The Combined Arms
Every efficient officer must realize the possibilitie...

Deploy. To extend the front. A squad deploys when it ...

Making Up Your Pack

Immediately after reveille, take down your tent and make up your pack.
Place your extra blankets on the pile with those of the other members of
your squad. Make up your surplus kit bundle and put it in the surplus
kit bag.

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