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To Load
Being in line or skirmish line at halt: 1. With dummy...

The Tell-tale Goblin
Once upon a time there was a Little Fairy who loved ...

Pussy Willow's Furs
Miss Pussy Willow put on her furs one day in March a...

Meeting Engagements
When two hostile forces suddenly meet we have what is...

An infantry soldier goes into battle carrying 220 rou...

Withdrawal From Action
The withdrawal of a defeated force can generally be e...

Appearance Of Objects
Become familiar with the effect which the varying con...

All take the position of load, turn the cut-off up, if ...

The Theory Of The Defensive
The defensive is divided into the purely passive defe...

Second Case
Now suppose the company is in column of squads at a h...


In the absence of regulations on the subject, each Reserve Officer
should own a good watch, a pair of field glasses, a compass, and a note

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