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Dame Cricket's Story
"Come, children, it is time to get up," said Dame Cr...

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps
The President is authorized to establish and maintain...

School Of The Soldier
Based on the Infantry Drill Regulations Success ...

Deploy. To extend the front. A squad deploys when it ...

The Playroom Wedding
Paper Doll had been the maid of honor, but she did n...

When Jack Frost Was Young
Not that he is old now, for Jack is a snappy, bright...

Marching Rules
1. Adjust your equipment, if necessary, at the first ...

The Difference Between Independent And Divisional Cavalry
The main difficulty in seeing the distinction between...

Mr Fox Cuts The Cottontails
Mr. Fox decided that the only way to get all the woo...

Practise March Or Hike
The manoeuver practice march will be the most instr...


In the absence of regulations on the subject, each Reserve Officer
should own a good watch, a pair of field glasses, a compass, and a note

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