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Rapid Fire
In rapid fire the battle sight is always used; the fi...

To Form The Company
At the sounding of the assembly the first sergeant ta...

Do not pull the clothing from the burnt part, but rip...

Machine Guns
Before the present European War, machine guns were cl...

Steps And Marchings
All steps and marchings executed from a halt, except ...

Esprit De Corps
Have too much esprit de corps to complain of the leng...

For An Advance
Field Orders (Title...

The Windflower's Story
One day a little Windflower growing in a garden hear...

Bullet Wound
If you receive a bullet wound, don't get excited or l...

To the flank: 1. Right (left), 2. FACE. Raise sl...


In the absence of regulations on the subject, each Reserve Officer
should own a good watch, a pair of field glasses, a compass, and a note

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