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Distribution Of Troops
The proximity and conduct of the enemy control, to a ...

Extended Order Drills
As soon as your progress in close order is sufficient...

1. Take great pains each morning to make a neat, small ...

Military Maps
Definition. A military map is a drawing made to repre...

What To Do On Your Arrival
There is a general rule of procedure to follow in rep...

Close Order Drills
For several days after reporting you will undergo man...

Camp Sanitation
In camp you are really your brother's keeper. It is the...

To Diminish The Front Of A Column Of Squads
Being in column of squads: 1. Right (left) by twos, 2. ...

Advance Guard Of A Small Command
In forming the advance guard of a command smaller tha...

Everything else being equal the army that possesses...

Range-finding Instrument

Each company is equipped with a range-finding instrument. All company
officers and sergeants should be proficient in using it. The accuracy of
this instrument will greatly depend upon the skill of the user, and the
visibility of the objective.

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