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Before going out the patrol commander will make a car...

The strength of the patrol will generally depend on i...

The Peacock Butterflies
Plain little Miss Butterfly sat on a bush one day, w...

The Actual Defense
Let us suppose now that our battalion, occupying this...

Trial Shots Or Volleys
If the ground is so dry and dusty that the fall of th...

How To Clean A Rifle And Bayonet
Get a rag and rub the heavy grease off; then get a so...

Encountering The Enemy
If a small hostile patrol is encountered it is genera...

The Ration
A ration is the allowance (money) for the subsistence...

Advantages Of The Attack
(1) You can elect the point of attack while the defen...

In the absence of regulations on the subject, each Re...

Rear Guards

The rear guard is charged with the important duty of covering the

When a commander decides to retreat, he issues the necessary order.
During a retreat the outpost for the night usually forms the rear guard
of the following day.

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