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Methods Of Estimating Distances By The Eye
1. Decide that the object cannot be more than a certa...

1. Act quickly but quietly. Be calm and quiet. Don't ...

Reports To Be Made
Officers in the Officers' Reserve Corps are required ...

A Model Order For An Advance
Field Orders Hq. 1st Brigade...

The military salute is universal. It is at foundation...

Second Case
Now suppose the company is in column of squads at a h...

Trial Shots Or Volleys
If the ground is so dry and dusty that the fall of th...

The Windflower's Story
One day a little Windflower growing in a garden hear...

Guard Duty
Guards are used in camp or garrison to preserve order...

To Form The Squad
To form the squad the instructor places himself 3 pac...


The reserve follows the support at several hundred yards' distance. It
consists of the remainder of the infantry and engineers, the artillery,
and the ambulance company. The artillery usually marches near the head
of the reserve, the engineers (with bridge train, if any) and special
troops at the rear.

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