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Military Training Articles

The Charge
There can be no rule to tell you when to charge. It m...

First Aid To The Injured
In the army, as in civilian life, you are very often ...

Discontented Dewdrop
One morning a little Dewdrop was resting on the peta...

The uniform you will wear stands for Duty, Honor, and...

Dame Cricket's Story
"Come, children, it is time to get up," said Dame Cr...

The Difference Between Strategy And Tactics
Strategy is generalship in its broadest conception. A...

To Halt
To arrest the march in quick or double time: 1. Squad...

Care Of The Feet
The infantryman's feet are his means of transportatio...

Bullet Wound
If you receive a bullet wound, don't get excited or l...

How To Clean A Rifle And Bayonet
Get a rag and rub the heavy grease off; then get a so...

Slow Fire Targets

This target is used during slow fire at 200 and 300 yards.

This target is used during slow fire at 500 and 600 yards.

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