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Preparing Your Bed
After you have pitched your tent, get some hay, grass...

Final Suggestions
Don't be profane or tell questionable stories to your...

In the absence of regulations on the subject, each Re...

Rules For Deployments
The command guide right (left or center) indicates the ...

Manual Of Arms
To acquire proficiency in the Manual of Arms, you sho...

Sixth Movement Right Front Into Line
Being in column of platoons or squads, to form line t...

Estimating Distance Test
This test is usually held after the record firing on ...

To Unload
Unload: Take the position of load, turn the safety lo...

Pussy Willow's Furs
Miss Pussy Willow put on her furs one day in March a...

General Advice
The United States is divided geographically into milita...

Snake Bite

In snake bites the poison acts quickly.

Treatment: Apply a tourniquet between the wound and the heart so as to
stop the circulation and prevent the system from absorbing the poison.
Get out your knife and make a couple of cross cuts through the wound so
it will bleed freely. Then suck the poison from the wound and spit the
poison out. If your lips are lacerated there is danger in this method
but it is your duty to take this chance in order to save your comrade's
life. After sucking out the wound, heat your knife and burn it out.

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