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Estimating Distances By Sound
Sound travels at the rate of about 366 yards a second...

The Charge
There can be no rule to tell you when to charge. It m...

Deploy. To extend the front. A squad deploys when it ...

Physical Exercise
The greatest problem you will have to solve will be t...

The rear sight is set on a movable base so that it ca...

The main object in placing obstacles in front of a de...

It is impossible to lay down any hard-and-fast rule gov...

1. Take great pains each morning to make a neat, small ...

Stopping Bleeding
If the blood is dark blue and the stream is continuou...

Encountering The Enemy
If a small hostile patrol is encountered it is genera...

Strength And Composition

Subject to variation according to the situation, one twentieth to one
third of a command may be assumed as a suitable strength for the advance
guard. The larger the force, the larger in proportion is the advance
guard, for a large command takes relatively longer to prepare for action
than a small one. In large commands it is usually composed of all arms,
the proportions depending on the nature of the work, character of the
country, etc.

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