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Esprit De Corps
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Encountering The Enemy
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The Rain Elf children had been shut up in their hous...

The Eatyoup
Dicky Duck was a very wise young fellow. He swam ab...

To Form The Company
At the sounding of the assembly the first sergeant ta...

Being under water for over four or five minutes is ge...

Rules For Guides
A guide is a noncommissioned officer or a private upo...

Sunstroke--(the Skin Is Hot)

A sunstroke is accompanied by the following symptoms: headache,
dizziness, sense of oppression, nausea, colored vision, and often the
patient becomes insensible. The muscles are relaxed, face flushed, skin
hot, pulse rapid, and the temperature rises. The breathing is labored.

Treatment: Reduce the temperature as rapidly as possible, with ice or
cold water; get the patient in the shade. Loosen clothing.

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