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The Actual Attack
Deployment. To deploy means to extend the front. When...

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Each applicant for a commission in the Reserve Corps ...

The Actual Attack

Deployment. To deploy means to extend the front. When does a column
extend its front or prepare to fight? When open terrain, which will
probably expose the troops to hostile artillery fire, is reached. This
place may be two or more miles from the enemy. What is done? Strong
patrols are sent out to clear the foreground of the enemy's patrol. The
plan of the attack is inaugurated. Extra ammunition is issued. Each
organization is assigned its task. The organizations in the firing lines
are assigned objectives and move out, followed by local supports and
reserves. Don't understand that they go as skirmishers. They usually
march in column of squads. Strong combat patrols are sent out to protect
each flank. This is very important even with small commands.

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