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Military Training Articles

Once upon a time there was a very little Morning-glo...

Back Step
Being at a halt or mark time: 1. Backward, 2. MARCH. ...

Ordinarily infantry intrenches itself whenever it is ...

Camp Sanitation
In camp you are really your brother's keeper. It is the...

The Actual Defense
Let us suppose now that our battalion, occupying this...

Deploy. To extend the front. A squad deploys when it ...

Manual Of Arms
To acquire proficiency in the Manual of Arms, you sho...

The Theory Of The Defensive
The defensive is divided into the purely passive defe...

The Officers' Reserve Corps In War
In time of actual or threatened hostilities the Presi...

The Eatyoup
Dicky Duck was a very wise young fellow. He swam ab...

The Theory Of Attack

Decisive results are obtained only by the offensive. Aggressiveness wins
battles. If you want to thrash a man go after him; don't wait for him to
come to you. When attacking use every available man. Have every man in
the proper place at the proper time and in a physical and moral
condition to do his utmost.

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