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The Big Ideas Of Marches
For marches to be entirely successful three condition...

Organization commanders are responsible for all unaut...

What To Do On Your Arrival
There is a general rule of procedure to follow in rep...

Rules Of Conduct For Camp Life
The first few days will be easy and profitable if you...

Making Up Your Pack
Immediately after reveille, take down your tent and m...

Junior Division
A junior division of the Reserve Officers' Training C...

Mr Fox's Housewarming
Mr. Fox had been so much disturbed by Mr. Dog and hi...

Advice Regarding Habits
Your life in camp in regard to food, exercise, hours ...

Fourth Movement Column Right
Being in column of squads, to change direction: 1. Co...

The Land Forces Of The United States
You now are, or expect to become, a member of the lan...

The Theory Of Attack

Decisive results are obtained only by the offensive. Aggressiveness wins
battles. If you want to thrash a man go after him; don't wait for him to
come to you. When attacking use every available man. Have every man in
the proper place at the proper time and in a physical and moral
condition to do his utmost.

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