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To Unload

Unload: Take the position of load, turn the safety lock up and move
the bolt alternately backward and forward until all the cartridges are
ejected. After the last cartridge is ejected the chamber is closed by
pressing the follower down with the fingers of the left hand, to engage
it under the bolt, and then thrusting the bolt home. The trigger is
pulled. The cartridges are then picked up, cleaned, and returned to the
belt and the piece is brought to the order.

To continue the firing: 1. AIM, 2. SQUAD, 3. FIRE.

Each command is executed as previously explained. Load is executed by
drawing back and thrusting home the bolt with the right hand, leaving
the safety lock at the Ready.

Cease firing: Firing stops; pieces are loaded and locked; the sights
are laid down and the piece is brought to the order. Cease firing is
used for long pauses to prepare for changes of position or to steady the

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