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Mr. Fox had been so much disturbed by Mr. Dog and hi...

Reports To Be Made
Officers in the Officers' Reserve Corps are required ...

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This very important arm is the eye with which the gen...

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What To Bring
1. Travel light. Bring only the bare necessities ...

The Revenge Of The Fireflies
The Fireflies and the Goblins had always been good f...

General Advice
The United States is divided geographically into milita...

2d Movement On The Moving Pivot
Being in line, to change direction: 1. Right (left) t...


Organization commanders are responsible for all unauthorized material or
supplies that may be put on their wagons. You should therefore become
acquainted with the transportation attached to the smaller
organizations. The wagons that carry your ammunition are called the
Combat Train. The wagons that carry your authorized baggage, kitchen
equipment, and food are called the Field Train.

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