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To Dismiss The Squad
Being at a halt: 1. Inspection, 2. ARMS, 3. Port, 4. ...

Assumption Of The Enemy
When reliable information of the enemy cannot be obta...

Articles Of War
The Army is governed by the Articles of War, which ca...

Bullet Wound
If you receive a bullet wound, don't get excited or l...

Advantages Of The Attack
(1) You can elect the point of attack while the defen...

Requisites Of A Good Defensive Position
If you were looking for a good defensive position, wh...

Tent Pitching
On the hike the camp will be laid out daily in adva...

Establishing The Outpost
The outpost is posted as quickly as possible, so that...

Dame Cricket's Story
"Come, children, it is time to get up," said Dame Cr...

To Increase Or Diminish Intervals
If assembled, and it is desired to deploy at greater ...


Organization commanders are responsible for all unauthorized material or
supplies that may be put on their wagons. You should therefore become
acquainted with the transportation attached to the smaller
organizations. The wagons that carry your ammunition are called the
Combat Train. The wagons that carry your authorized baggage, kitchen
equipment, and food are called the Field Train.

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