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What To Bring

1. Travel light. Bring only the bare necessities of life with you.
Don't bring a trunk. Enlisted men (not officers) will be supplied
with all necessary uniforms and underwear. This includes shoes.

2. Bring a pair of sneakers, or slippers. They will add greatly to
your comfort after a long march or hard day's work. A complete
bathing suit often comes in handy.

3. Report in uniform if you have one.

4. The Government will provide you with the necessary shoes.
However, if you can afford it, buy before you report for duty, a
pair of regulation tan shoes, larger than you ordinarily wear, and
break them in well before arrival. Rubber heels are recommended.

5. Bring your toilet articles (comb, brush, mirror shaving
equipment, etc.), and a good supply of handkerchiefs, and towels.

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