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Encountering The Enemy
If a small hostile patrol is encountered it is genera...

Jack The Preacher
One morning in very early springtime the big Evergre...

Advance Guard Of A Small Command
In forming the advance guard of a command smaller tha...

To Form The Squad
To form the squad the instructor places himself 3 pac...

The Actual Defense
Let us suppose now that our battalion, occupying this...

The Oblique March
For the instruction of recruits, the squad being in c...

When troops are sheltered under canvas (in tents), th...

Close Order
In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignmen...

Extinguishing Burning Clothes
Treatment: Lie down on the floor and roll up as tight...

We recommend that all officers, non-commissioned offi...

Whistle Signals

There are only two kinds of whistle signals; a short last and a long
blast. A short blast means pay attention, or look out for a signal or

A long blast means stop firing for a minute (suspend firing).

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