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Military Training Articles

The Officers' Reserve Corps In Peace
During peace the Secretary of War can order any Reser...

Two men tent together--the front rank man and his rea...

To Form The Squad
To form the squad the instructor places himself 3 pac...

Extended Order Drills
As soon as your progress in close order is sufficient...

Bombs And Hand Grenades
The present European War has revived the use of hand ...

Treatment: Send for a doctor at once. Empty the stoma...

Do not pull the clothing from the burnt part, but rip...

The Oblique March
For the instruction of recruits, the squad being in c...

Correct Procedure In Giving The Main Part Of A Field Order
1st. Give the information of the enemy and of our own...

The Rain Elves
The Rain Elf children had been shut up in their hous...

Whistle Signals

There are only two kinds of whistle signals; a short last and a long
blast. A short blast means pay attention, or look out for a signal or

A long blast means stop firing for a minute (suspend firing).

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