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Military Training Articles

General Advice
To become a first-class drillmaster is desirable and ...

Target Practice
Military shooting or target practice is very differ...

Preparing A Defensive Position
Now let us suppose ourselves as part of a battalion t...

Information For Schools And Colleges Armed With Rifles Model 1898
War Department, Office of the Chief of Staff, Was...

Little Never-upset
Little Never-upset was a roly-poly fellow, with weig...

Field Exercises
These exercises, as well as combat exercises, are for...

Advance Cavalry
The advance cavalry is that part of the advance-guard c...

Military Correspondence
An official letter should refer to one subject only. ...

Rapid Fire
In rapid fire the battle sight is always used; the fi...

The Peacock Butterflies
Plain little Miss Butterfly sat on a bush one day, w...

Whistle Signals

There are only two kinds of whistle signals; a short last and a long
blast. A short blast means pay attention, or look out for a signal or

A long blast means stop firing for a minute (suspend firing).

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