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Military Training Articles

During the hike your equipment for living will be limit...

Advance Guard Of A Small Command
In forming the advance guard of a command smaller tha...

Bombs And Hand Grenades
The present European War has revived the use of hand ...

Saluting distance is that within which recognition is...

Manual Of Arms
To acquire proficiency in the Manual of Arms, you sho...

To March By The Flank
Being in march: 1. By the right (left) flank, 2. MARC...

There are three kinds of fire: (1) Volley Fire. Ev...

General Information Concerning The Officers' Reserve Corps
An officer in the Reserve Corps cannot, without his c...

Stomach Wounds
Send for a doctor. Lie perfectly quiet. Don't lose yo...

Cease Firing
Firing stops; pieces not already there are brought to t...

Whistle Signals

There are only two kinds of whistle signals; a short last and a long
blast. A short blast means pay attention, or look out for a signal or

A long blast means stop firing for a minute (suspend firing).

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