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Appearance Of Objects
Become familiar with the effect which the varying con...

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Distribution Of Troops
An advance-guard order generally describes the follow...

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To Unload
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Night Operations
By employing night operations troops make use of the ...

Position Of A Soldier At Attention
No. 1. Eyes to the front. Hands hang naturally. Rest ...

Jack The Preacher
One morning in very early springtime the big Evergre...

1st Exercise
Involving practically every important muscle in the bod...

Withdrawal From Action

The withdrawal of a defeated force can generally be effected only at a
heavy cost. (Infantry Drill Regulations.) When a withdrawal is
necessary, make every possible effort to place distance and a rear guard
between you and the enemy. Have one part of your line withdraw under
protection of the fire of the other part and so on. Reorganize your
command as soon as possible.

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