A Confederate Letter

The following discloses how perfectly the Confederate government

understood the travelled route through the lines. It was by way of their

signal station on the Potomac, that was their official channel. I was

determined to break it up.

Westmorland and Northumberland counties, Virginia, are the south shore

of the Potomac river. Mosby, or at least part of his command, covered

this country.

Confederate States of America,

War Department, Ordnance Bureau,

Richmond, June 30, 1864.


The bearer, Mr. White, is confided in as trustworthy. He

desires information as to the best mode of proceeding to


I will thank you to give him any assistance you can


Mr. W. is engaged in procuring stores for the Government,

through the blockade.

Very respy. your obdt. servt.,


Chief of Ordnance.

To Capt. Barker,

In charge Signal Corps.


By order,

J. A. Campbell,

A. Sec. War.

July 1, 1864.

This has endorsed on it:

Signal Bureau,

Richmond, July 1, 1864.

The officers in charge of Signal Station on Potomac, will

furnish Mr. White any assistance in their power, in crossing

into Maryland.


Capt. in ch. Signal Corps.

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