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Secret Service Articles

Learn about the secret service.

Steam Tug Grace Titus Statement Of George Carlton Containing Valuable Confirmatory Information
A Confederate Letter
A Report That Led To A Historic Raid By Colonel Baker On The Bounty Jumpers And Bounty Brokers Of New York
A Taste Of The Draft Riots
Arrest Of T A Menzier And Expose Of A Prominent Railroad Official
Brevetted Major Governor Fenton's Letter
Camp Carroll Rioting Troops Being Mustered Out
Captain Bailey Makes A Capture
Captain Beckwith Convicted
Capture Of Confederate Bonds And Scrip
Capture Of Samuel B Arnold One Of The Conspirators Sent To Dry Tortugas
Confederate Army Invades Maryland In 1864
Confederate Colonel Harry Gilmor The Raider Telling How He Did Not Come Back As A Conquering Hero; Of The Sword He Never Received; Of His Capture
Counterfeiters And The Arrest Of Mrs Beverly Tucker
Dramatic Incident At Fort Mchenry
F M Ellis Chief Detective U S Sanitary Commission
General W W Morris In Command In General Wallace's Absence
General Wallace Assumes Command Of The Middle Department
General Wallace's Letter To Secretary Of War Charles A Dana
Here Begins My Service As An Assistant Provost Marshal Of The Department
I Branded E W Andrews Adjutant General To General Morris A Traitor To The Colors
Indicted For Assault With Intent To Kill The Only Clash Between The Military And Civil Authorities During General Wallace's Administration
Initial Trip Down Chesapeake Bay After Blockade Runners And Contraband Dealers And Goods
Interviewed Secretary Of War Stanton Relative To An Independent Command And Extension Of Our Territory
Introducing Christian Emmerich And Incidentally Charles E Langley A Noted Confederate Spy
Missionary E Martin An Agent Of The Confederate Treasury Department Arrested His Big Tobacco Smuggling Scheme Exposed
Mrs Key Howard A Lineal Descendant Of The Author Of The Star Spangled Banner
New York Harbor Fort Schuyler Fort Marshal And Aunt Mag
Ordered To Execute Gordon By Shooting
Ordered To Northern Neck Of Virginia The Day Before President Lincoln's Assassination
Ordered To Seize All Copies Of The New York World Bringing In One Of The Great War Episodes The Bogus Presidential Proclamation
Paine Who Was Afterwards One Of The Conspirators In The Assassinators' Plot In My Custody
Patrick Scally An Honest Deserter From The Confederate Service
Secretary Of War Consulted About The Extension Of Our Territory To Include The District Between The Rappahannock And The Potomac Rivers
Statement Of Illinois Crothers Giving Valuable And Reliable Information Implicating Mr William Mitchell And A Mrs Keenan Of Winchester Virginia
Statement Of James Briers Bollman Mcguarty And Welsh U S Marine Corps
Statements: Jeremiah Artis A Real Deserter From The Confederates
Terrence R Quinn
The Chase After The Steamer Harriet Deford Which Was Captured By Pirates Supposedly To Supply A Means Of Escape To Jefferson Davis From The Crumbling Confederacy
The Great Fraud Attempted In The Presidential Election Of 1864 Wherein The Misplacing Of A Single Letter Led To Its Detection
The Harry Gilmor Sword And General Wallace's Comments
The Pulpit Not Loyal
The Pungy Trifle One Of The Captures Colonel Mcphail Major Blumenburg And His Corrupted Office Boney Lee Bob Miller And Other Thugs
Thomas Bennett A U S Mail Carrier Disloyal
Trip To Carlisle Illinois To Unravel A Fraudulent Claim
Trip To New York Regarding One Thomas H Gordon
Trip To Norfolk And Richmond
Twice Ordered To Washington With Horse Thieves
Two Of My Officers Captured By Union Pickets