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Military Training Articles

Preparing A Defensive Position
Now let us suppose ourselves as part of a battalion t...

General Principles Of Target Practice
The most thrilling experience you will have at a ...

When Jack Frost Was Young
Not that he is old now, for Jack is a snappy, bright...

1. Take great pains each morning to make a neat, small ...

Camp Sanitation
In camp you are really your brother's keeper. It is the...

The military salute is universal. It is at foundation...

Preparing Your Bed
After you have pitched your tent, get some hay, grass...

Being under water for over four or five minutes is ge...

Care Of The Feet
The infantryman's feet are his means of transportatio...

To Diminish The Front Of A Column Of Squads
Being in column of squads: 1. Right (left) by twos, 2. ...

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps

The President is authorized to establish and maintain in civil
educational institutions a Reserve Officers' Training Corps which shall
consist of senior and junior divisions.

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