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Military Training Articles

Some General Hints
Clear and decisive orders are the logical result of d...

Route Step And At Ease
The column of squads is the habitual column of route,...

Sixth Movement Right Front Into Line
Being in column of platoons or squads, to form line t...

Little Never-upset
Little Never-upset was a roly-poly fellow, with weig...

Care Of The Feet
The infantryman's feet are his means of transportatio...

Attack And Defense
The European War has demonstrated more clearly than...

To Load
Being in line or skirmish line at halt: 1. WITH DUMMY...

Advance Guard Of A Small Command
In forming the advance guard of a command smaller tha...

School Of The Company
The company in line is formed in double rank with the...

Distance From The Main Body
While the distance between these two bodies should be...

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps

The President is authorized to establish and maintain in civil
educational institutions a Reserve Officers' Training Corps which shall
consist of senior and junior divisions.

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