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1st Exercise

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

Involving practically every important muscle in the body.

From first position spring to second position; instantly return to first

position and continue.

Be light on your feet. Alight on your toes. Begin with a limited number

of times. Day by day increase it a little until you reach a fair number.

Be most moderate at first. Never allow yourself in any exercise to

become greatly fatigued.

2d Exercise

To reduce waist, strengthen back muscles, and become limber.

Assume position No. 1.

Swing to position (No. 2), return at once to No. 1, and continue.

Shoot your head and arms as far through your legs as your conformation


3rd Exercise

To harden leg muscles and exercise joints.

From position No. 1 come to position No. 2. Return at once to No. 1 and


Toes turned well out. Body and head erect. Up with a slight spring.

After a little practice, you will have no difficulty with this exercise

in balancing yourself.

4th Exercise

To exercise arms and shoulders and organs of chest and shoulder muscles.

From position No. 1 thrust arms forward to position No. 2, and return at

once to position No. 1.

Vary by thrusting arms downward, sideward and upward. Be moderate at

first. Grow more vigorous with practice.

5th Exercise

To strengthen ankles and insteps.

From position No. 1 rise on the toes to position No. 2, return at once

to position No. 1, and continue.

Go up on your toes as high as you can.