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Appearance Of Objects

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual Advanced Training

Become familiar with the effect which the varying conditions of light,

background, etc., have upon the apparent distance of the object. Don't

be content to memorize the following data, but go after the underlying

reason in each case.

Objects seem nearer than they actually are:

1. When the object is seen in a bright light.

2. When the color of the object contrasts sharply with the color of the


3. When looking over water, snow, or a uniform surface like a wheat


4. When looking from a height downward.

5. In clear atmosphere of high altitudes, as in Arizona and New Mexico.

Objects seem more distant than they actually are:

1. When looking over a depression in the ground (across a canyon).

2. When there is a poor light (very cloudy day) or a fog.

3. When only a part of the object can be seen.

4. When looking from low ground upward toward higher ground.