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Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The chief duty of the artillery is to support the infantry. It does this

in three ways: 1st, By firing at the hostile infantry. 2d, By putting

out of action the hostile artillery so that it cannot fire at the

infantry. 3d, By demolishing the obstacles in front of the enemy's

works. It smothers the enemy with a curtain of fire, so that the

infantry can move forward without ruinous losses. Cooeperation with the

infantry is essential. If the infantry is defeated the artillery covers

its withdrawal; if the infantry is successful the artillery moves

forward and assists in reaping the full reward of victory by firing on

the fleeing enemy. The present European War has greatly increased the

prestige and importance of this arm of the service. The amount of

artillery on the Western front and the amount of ammunition consumed

daily is appalling.