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Camp Sanitation

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

In camp you are really your brother's keeper. It is the duty of every

man to keep the camp clean, sanitary, and livable. Constantly bear in

mind that a great number of men are living together in a very small

area; that food is being prepared in the open; that there are no sewers;

and that the ground or dust and streams must not be polluted. Obey

conscientiously and diligently the following rules:

1. Don't
take food to your tent.

2. Use the latrines that are provided.

3. When possible bathe each day as soon as practicable after you arrive

at camp.

4. Don't throw food or fruit peeling on the ground.

5. Dispose of any food you cannot eat by burning in the kitchen


6. Keep away from the kitchen and cooks.

7. Don't dip your cup in the drinking water receptacle. Use the dipper

provided for that purpose.

8. If sick, report to a surgeon.

9. Don't litter up the camp with paper.

10. Get your drinking water and bathe at the authorized places. The camp

commander always designates different places for cooking and drinking

water, for watering the animals, for bathing and washing clothes.

11. On leaving camp the ground should be in better condition than when

you arrived. All sinks, latrines, ditches, and holes are filled and the

earth stamped down; all combustibles that have no value should be burned

and noncombustible matter either buried or piled so it can be carted


12. All deposits in the rears should be covered with earth.