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Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual Advanced Training

A mixed outpost is composed principally of infantry. The infantry is

charged with the duty of local observation, especially at night and with

resisting the enemy long enough for the main body to prepare for action.

The cavalry is charged with the duty of reconnaissance, and is very

useful in open country during the day. If the infantry has been severely

taxed by marching or fighting, a large part of the outpost may be

temporarily formed of cavalry.

Artillery is useful to outposts when its fire can sweep defiles or large

open spaces and when it commands positions that might be occupied by

hostile artillery. The guns are carefully concealed or protected and are

usually withdrawn at night.

Machine guns are useful to command approaches and check sudden advances

of the enemy.

The field trains of troops on outpost duty generally join their

organizations; if an engagement is probable, they may be held in rear.