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Company Inspection

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual Advanced Training

Being in line at a halt: 1. OPEN RANKS, 2. MARCH.

At the command march the front rank executes right dress; the rear

rank and the file closers march backward 4 steps, halt, and execute

right dress; the lieutenants pass around their respective flanks and

take post, facing to the front, 3 paces in front of the center of their

respective platoons. The captain aligns the front rank, rear rank, and

file closer
, takes post 3 paces in front of the right guide, facing to

the left, and commands:


At the second command the lieutenants carry saber; the captain returns

saber and inspects them, after which they face about, order saber, and

stand at ease; upon the completion of the inspection they carry saber,

face about, and order saber. The captain may direct the lieutenants to

accompany or assist hint, in which case they return saber and, at the

close of the inspection, resume their posts in front of the company,

draw and carry saber.

Having inspected the lieutenants, the captain proceeds to the right of

the company. Each man, as the captain approaches him, executes

inspection arms.

The captain takes the piece, grasping it with his right hand just below

the lower band, the man dropping his hands; the captain inspects the

piece, and, with the hand and piece in the same position as in receiving

it, handsit back to the man, who takes it with the left hand at the

balance and executes order arms.

As the captain returns the piece the next man executes inspection

arms, and so on through the company.

Should the piece be inspected without handling, each man executes order

arms as soon as the captain passes to the next man.

The inspection is from right to left in front, and from left to right in

rear of each rank and of the line of file closers.

When approached by the captain the first sergeant executes inspection

saber. Enlisted men armed with the pistol execute inspection pistol

by drawing the pistol from the holster and holding it diagonally across

the body, barrel up, and 6 inches in front of the neck, muzzle pointing

up and to the left. The pistol is returned to the holster as soon as the

captain passes.

Upon completion of the inspection the captain takes post facing to the

left in front of the right guide and on line with the lieutenants and

commands: 1. CLOSE RANKS, 2. MARCH.

At the command march the lieutenants resume their posts in line; the

rear rank closes to 40 inches, each man covering his file leader; the

file closers close to 2 paces from the rear rank.