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Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The uniform you will wear stands for Duty, Honor, and Country. You

should not disgrace it by the way you wear it or by your conduct any

more than you would trample the flag of the United States of America

under foot. You must constantly bear in mind that in our country a

military organization is too often judged by the acts of a few of its

members. When one or two soldiers in uniform conduct themselves in an

ly or unmilitary manner to the disgrace of the uniform, the

layman shakes his head and condemns all men wearing that uniform. Hence,

show by the way in which you wear your uniform that you are proud of it;

this can be best accomplished by observing the following rules:

1. Carry yourself at all times as though you were proud of

yourself, your uniform, and your country.

2. Wear your hat so that the brim is parallel to the ground.

3. Have all buttons fastened.

4. Never have sleeves rolled up.

5. Never wear sleeve holders.

6. Never leave shirt or coat unbuttoned at the throat.

7. Have leggins and trousers properly laced.

8. Keep shoes shined.

9. Always be clean shaved.

10. Keep head up and shoulders square.

11. Camp life has a tendency to make one careless as to personal

cleanliness. Bear this in mind.