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Fifth Movement On Right (left) Into Line

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

Being in column of platoons or squads, to form line on right or left: 1.

On right (left) into line, 2. MARCH, 3. Company, 4. HALT, 5. FRONT.

(On right [left] into line, means turn in the direction that is on your

right and get into line. You have to be in column before the movement is


Let us first consider the company in column of squads.

At the captain's command on rig
t into line, the corporal of the leading

squad commands right turn. The corporals of all the remaining squads, if

halted, command forward, if marching they caution their squads to

continue the march. At the captain's command march, the leading squad

turns to the right on a moving pivot. The remaining squads march

straight to the front.

Each corporal commands right turn before arriving opposite the right of

his squads place in line. When the front rank of his squad has arrived

opposite that place he gives the command march.

The command halt is given when the leading squad has advanced the

desired distance in the new direction. Only the leading squad halts. The

corporal then commands right dress.

The remaining corporals before arrival on the line, command, squad, and

add the command halt just before the right front rank reaches the line.

Then, they, command right dress.

The captain then dresses the company and commands front.

If executed in double time the leading squad marches in double time

until halted.

Now let us consider the company in columns of platoons. See

illustration on next page.

At the captain's command on right into line, the leader of the first

platoon commands right turn, the leaders of the rear platoons, if

halted, command forward; if marching, they caution their platoons to

continue the march. The first platoon executes the right turn at the

captain's command march. Having completed the turn the platoon commander

gives the command, forward, MARCH.

The remaining platoon commanders give right turn, MARCH, when opposite

their places, and the command, forward, MARCH, when the turn has been


When the leading platoon has advanced the desired distance the captain

gives the command, company, HALT. At the command company, the leading

platoon leader gives the command, platoon. His platoon only halts at the

captain's command, halt. The platoon leader then gives the command,

right dress, and takes his post in the file closers. The remaining

platoons are successively halted and dressed by their leader. The

captain gives the command FRONT.