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General Advice

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The United States is divided geographically into military departments

with a general officer commanding each department. The departments and

their headquarters are as follows:

(1) The Northeastern Department, with headquarters at Boston,


(2) The Eastern Department, with headquarters at Governors Island,

New York.

he Southeastern Department, with Headquarters at Charleston,

South Carolina.

(4) The Central Department, with Headquarters at Chicago, Illinois.

(5) The Southern Department, with Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston,


(6) The Western Department, with Headquarters at San Francisco,


Overseas { (7) The Philippine Department, with Headquarters at

Departments { Manila.


{ (8) The Hawaiian Department, Departments with

{ Headquarters at Honolulu, Hawaii.

(For States comprising each department, see Appendix)

If you are a civilian and desire any information in regard to the army,

any training camps, the officers' reserve corps, or any military

legislation or orders affecting you, write to the Commanding General

of the Department in which you live. Address your letter to him at his