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Hints On Rapid Fire

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual Advanced Training

1. When you go to the firing point get two clips of cartridges, one to

be used at the command load and the extra one is placed in the belt.

2. See that your cut-off is up.

3. When the target first appears drop quickly into the required position

for firing. A great deal of time is usually lost by the firer squirming

around trying to get into a comfortable position.

4. Don't hurr
your first or last shot. These are the two shots that are

usually bad.

5. If your second clip jams or breaks, turn the cut-off up, load and

fire each cartridge separately.

6. Leave the gun at your shoulder while working the bolt.

7. Be careful to fire on your own target.

8. If a cartridge fails to fire, it is very probably because the bolt is

not all the way down; therefore recock the gun (pull the firing pin

back), make certain the bolt is down, and fire again.

9. As soon as the targets disappear cease firing, come to Inspection

Arms, examine your rifle for unfired cartridges.