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Fire Discipline

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

Now we come to the individual private on the firing line. All of the

above measures for efficiency will come to but little unless the man

with the gun can understand and do what he is directed to do. This

training is called Fire Discipline.

Fire Discipline implies, besides a habit of obedience, a control of the

rifle by the soldier (the result of training), which will enable him in

action to make hits ins
ead of misses. It embraces: 1st, Taking

advantage of the ground. 2d, Care in setting the sight and delivery of

fire. 3d, Constant attention to the orders of the leaders, and careful

observation of the enemy. 4th, An increase of fire when the target is

favorable, and a cessation of fire when the enemy disappears. 5th,

Economy of ammunition.


Fire Direction is the issuance of instructions regarding the firing.

Fire Control is the explanation of these instructions through the

platoon leaders.

Fire Discipline is the quality which enables the soldier to submit to

control and fire efficiently under all conditions.