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1st Movement On The Fixed Pivot

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

Being in line, to turn the company: 1. Company right (left), 2. MARCH,

3. Company, 4. HALT; or, 3. Forward, 4. MARCH.


Notice that the part of the company which has not completed the movement

is perpendicular to the part that has. The common error is for the rear

rank to oblique before marching four paces to the front.

At the secon
command the right-flank man in the front rank faces to the

right in marching and marks time; the other front-rank men, oblique to

the right, place themselves abreast of the pivot, and mark time; in the

rear rank the third man from the right, followed in column by the second

and first, moves straight to the front until in rear of his front-rank

man, when all face to the right in marching and mark time; the remaining

men of the rear rank move straight to the front 4 paces, oblique to the

right, place themselves abreast of the third man, cover their file

leaders, and mark time; the right guide steps back, takes post on the

flank and marks time.

The fourth command is given when the last man is 1 pace in rear of the

new line.

The command Halt may be given at any time after the movement begins;

only those halt who are in the new position. Each of the others halts

upon arriving on the line, aligns himself to the right, and executes

front without command.

The difference between this movement and squad right is slight. The rear

rank acts a little differently, and the company waits for the command to

move forward. The idea is exactly the same.